Classic videogames for modern machines

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What do you get if you strip the nostalgia out the golden era of videogames? Do the classics stand on their own when you isolate them from their context, their circumstances and the fond memories associated to them?

Here at Gato D we believe the experience trascends its time; classic videogames, with their blocky graphics, limited palette and digital-sounding music, aren't just a reminder of a simpler time, but also its own style, with its own set of design rules and aesthetics.

Gato D tries to pay homage to the era as a whole: the groundbreaking, the hidden gems, the subpar and the kusoge all come together to make our releases feel as classic videogames for modern machines.

We hope you enjoy our games, that you find them both fresh and timeless, and that they take you back to a past time that didn't happen.